E C E/​COMP SCI 352 — Digital System Fundamentals

Spring 2020, Spring 2022
University of Wisconsin - Madison Logic components, Boolean algebra, combinational logic analysis and synthesis, synchronous and asynchronous sequential logic analysis and design, digital subsystems, computer organization and design.

E C E 454 — Mobile Computing Laboratory

Fall 2017, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Fall 2020, Fall 2021
University of Wisconsin - Madison End-to-end project management; teamwork; fundamentals of disciplined development practices; introduction to mobile computing platforms and systems; design, implementation, and deployment of mobile systems and applications.

E C E 697 — Capstone Project in Machine Learning and Signal Processing

Summer 2022
University of Wisconsin - Madison Individual or team project to gain hands-on-experience applying machine learning and signal processing concepts.

E C E/​COMP SCI 707 — Mobile and Wireless Networking

Fall 2018
University of Wisconsin - Madison Design and implementation of protocols, systems, and applications for mobile and wireless networking, particularly at the media access control, network, transport, and application layers. Focus is on the unique problems and challenges presented by the properties of wireless transmission, various device constraints such as limited battery power, and node mobility.

E C E/​COMP SCI 782 — Advanced Computer Security and Privacy

Spring 2018, Spring 2021
University of Wisconsin - Madison Security and privacy issues in software, networks, and hardware systems. Security vulnerabilities, privacy threats, threats modeling, and mitigation strategies. Privacy issues related to user interaction with devices, online systems, and networks. In addition, a selection of more advanced topics will be covered. Possible examples include applied cryptography in the context of systems, security and privacy policies, user authentication, and cyber-physical systems. Builds on prior experiences with one or more of the following: networking, security, modern machine learning, embedded systems, and mobile computing.