• Apr. 2017 Sep. 2011

    Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Michigan ― Real-Time Computing Laboratory.

    I investigated security and privacy aspects in the new computing paradigm of the Internet of Things. Previously, I have studied the location privacy threats posed by mobile apps. I also researched scheduling approaches for Cloud Radio Access Networks (C-RANs).

  • Apr. 2016 Jun. 2015

    Intern at Hewlett Packard Labs ― Networking and Mobility Laboratory.

    I investigated the security and privacy threats that BLE-equipped devices pose to their owners. I also designed and implemented BLE-Guardian to protect users against those threats.

  • May 2015 May 2014

    Intern at HP Labs ― Networking and Mobility Laboratory.

    I investigated privacy enhancing mechanisms to protect users against location privacy threats in indoor environments.

  • Sep. 2013 May 2013

    Intern at Qualcomm Research Silicon Valley.

    I investigated efficient behavioral-based mechanisms for real-time detection of mobile malware. As part of my internship, I developed machine learning transformation models which are part of Qualcomm's Smart Protect platform.

  • Feb. 2011 Sep. 2009

    Graduate Assistant at the American University of Beirut ― Electrical and Engineering Department.

    I Designed and instructed the Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Networks lab, Spring 2010. Additionally, I prepared course materials and assisted in teaching different courses spanning software, networking, and communication areas.

  • Aug. 2008 Jul. 2008

    Intern at German Aerospace Center (DLR)― Institute of Communication and Navigation.

    I investigated channel models and algorithms for hybrid and cooperative positioning using global navigation satellites systems, cellular networks, and wireless area networks.

  • Aug. 2011 Sep. 2006

    Research Assistant at the American University of Beirut ― Mobile Computing Laboratory and Program Correctness Automation Lab.

    At AUB, I investigated multiple research problems spanning property-based coverage of test suites, caching architectures in Mobile Ad hoc Networks, mobile access to web services, channel contention in vehicular Ad hoc networks, web change detection, and hardware testing.